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​2024 Schedule

Day1 May 3 (Friday/Holiday) Vertical
08:00~09:00 Runner check-in(May 3 vertical bib)[Ueda Station Square]

08:30 Opening Ceremony and Vertical briefing [Ueda Station Square]

09:50 Trekking Start[Oboshi Shrine]
10:00-12:00 Start [Oboshi Shrine]
14:00 Goal time limit [Mt. Taro summit]
15:00 Return check time limit [Oboshi Shrine]

14:30~15:30 Runner check-in(May 4 Skyrace bib)[Ueda Station Square]
15:00 Vertical award ceremony snd Skyrace briefing [Ueda Station square]

Day2 May 4 (Saturday/Holiday) SkyRace
07:45-09:00 Start [Oboshi Shrine]
11:00 Shimoshiojiri checkpoint time limit
12:00 Kamishiojiri checkpoint time limit
13:00 Akiwa checkpoint time limit
14:30 Midorigaoka (Kokuzodo) checkpoint time limit
15:30 Goal time limit [Oboshi Shrine]
15:00 Closing Ceremony  and Skyrace Award Ceremony [Ueda Station Plaza]

About Ueda Vertical race
This is the season’s opening race of the Japan Skyrunning Series.Vertical on the first day and Skyrace on the second day will be held.Traditional Japanese instruments will provide a lively welcome to all on Day1.
Skyrace is the steepest mountain running race in Japan.



How to get to Ueda
It is easier than eating sushi.You will arrive in 90 minutes from Tokyo station.Take Hokuriku Shinkansen’s Asama Super Express. Please get off at Ueda station.
There are lots of accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns in Ueda city.However, since it is a long holiday in Japan during the event period. Please make a your reservation early. The main venue of the event is in the square right in front of Ueda station.





・SANADA YUKIMURA course(normal)MAP
 Eligibility:Age 6+
 Start Time: 10:00-(Individual interval start)

 Goal time limit: 14:00



 Eligibility:Age 12+(Junior high school students and above)

 Start Time: 10:00-(Individual interval start)

 Goal time limit: 14:00

About equipment

・Required Equipment: Jacket, Mountain Running Shoes
・Recommended equipment: water, supplementary food, fast aid kit, mobile phone
・Prohibited equipment: sandals, earphones


・AKIWA course(normal)MAP
 Eligibility:Age 15+(High school students and above)
 Time limit: 7 hours(2 checkpoints)

 Goal time limit: 15:30

・SHIOJIRI course(elite)MAP

※Technical course with scrambling.Experts only for safety reasons.
​ 25km/±3000m

 Eligibility:Age 18+ 
​ Time limit: 7 hours(4

 Goal time limit: 15:30

About equipment

・Required Equipment: Jacket, Mountain Running Shoes, mobile phone
・Recommended equipment: water, supplementary food, fast aid kit
・Prohibited equipment: sandals, earphones


●Athletes must be fully aware that competitions in nature can be dangerous, and participate in the competition at their own risk for injuries, illnesses, accidents, etc. The organizer will provide first aid, but will not be held responsible for injuries or health conditions of participants. (*It is obligatory to submit a consent form at the time of competition entry regarding this point of self-responsibility)
●The race may be canceled if it is determined that participants and staff are in danger due to the spread of epidemics, weather conditions, earthquakes and other disasters. In that case, depending on the situation, the disadvantage for the participants and the race will be minimized, such as transferring the right to participate in the next race, or refunding or returning points after deducting the necessary expenses. Please be aware in advance that the measures will be implemented at the discretion of the race.
●Refunds will not be given for cancellations made for personal reasons after the entry is completed (after payment of the entry fee). Also, if you cannot participate due to movement restrictions in a specific area, we will not be able to refund after payment.
●You must understand that the course is not only occupi
ed by the competition, but that it is also used by general users, and you must not block their passage. When overtaking or passing general climbers and hikers, please consider safety such as "stopping or decelerating" and give priority to pedestrians.
●Because the course passes through the Mt. Taro mountain range, which is the mountain of Ueda citizens, it is an area that requires environmental consideration. Don't stray from the course. Do not litter. In addition, you must not collect or damage animals, plants, fungi, rocks, etc. on the course or in any areas. Also, please use the restroom only in designated areas.
●Access to the venue is by private car or train such as the Hokuriku Shinkansen. There is no shuttle bus for race participants. If you are coming by private car, please park in a pay parking lot in Ueda city area.
●Luggage storage will be provided at the starting point (Ohoshi Shrine), but please manage your valuables by yourself.
●Only women's changing rooms will be set up at Ohoshi Shrine.
If you are staying in your own car or staying overnight, please change your clothes in your hotel room.

Let's climb Mt. Taro with Sanada's red T-shirt !!

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