新型コロナウイルス対策に伴う対応について(About correspondence of new coronavirus)














Currently, the Executive Committee is preparing for the event. However, the outlook for the current outbreak of the new coronavirus is uncertain. In addition, there is a possibility of canceling the event. The final decision will be made and announced at the meeting of the Executive Committee, which will be held at the end of March (about one week before the entry deadline).

Case I: When the spread of infection in Japan is ending

● We carry out event as scheduled.

Case II: When infected people continue to appear in Japan

● We will consider implementing various infection prevention measures according to the situation.

* Simplification of reception / briefing (competition explanation) / ceremony.

* Measures to prevent infection in the start area and finish area.

* Measures to prevent infection of staff (such as aid stations).

* We will also consider on a smaller scale. In that case, only the elite division (limited to JSA registrants), which is the official Skyrunning race in Japan (Class 1 certified race), will be held.

Case ③: The number of infected people in Japan is rapidly increasing (when the government or local government requests self-control)

● Cancel the event

* No refund is available as preparations are in progress. The participation prize will be sent to all members.